Picasso Systems Co. Ltd. provides Total Security system, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of all house, office, factory and building.

We aim to be ‘One Stop Total Integrated Security & Audio Visual System Provider’.

We commit ourselves to provide users the best quality assurance to fully satisfy their expectation and requirements.

Product Range

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of products and the latest technologies that include:

Wired/ Wireless Alarm System

§         Owners will be called and informed the location of the intrusion

§         Tactical Defense System

Digital CCTV Surveillance Remote Monitoring

§        Infrared Camera, Pin Hole Mini Camera, Indoor and Outdoor Camera, Dome Camera, Motion Detector Camera, Wireless Camera, Rechargeable Camera, Box Camera

§         Stand Alone Digital Video Recorder , DVR Monitoring and Controlling Card

§         Real time adjustable data transfer

§         Online monitoring through internet

Office and Home Automation

§       Controlling electrical appliances such as fan, lighting and etc through internet, handphone or remote control

§         Dimming capabilities, pre-program turn on/ off, time programming

Access System

§       Door Access System:- Finger Print Access, Pin Access System, Proximity Card Access, My Card System, i-Button access key

§         Lift Access System

§         Barrier Gate and Car Park System

§         Autogate

§         Hotel Smart Lock Systems

§         Time Attendance System

Smart Home

§         3-in-1 Integrated Intelligent Home System consists of Security, Automation and Video Surveillance

§         Where Security and Smart Living Meets

Digital Board

§       Users able electronically captures notes in color to save, print, or email them in various file formats instantly (ESB, JPEG, TIFF,HTML, PDF, vector PDF, BMP 256 color, WBD) PowerPoint® (ppt & pps) and metafile (emf)

§         Microsoft® NetMeeting/LiveMeeting® compatible

Touch Monitor

§      Provide range of applications including point-of-sale, banking and finance system, public access, entertainment, hospitality and retail

§         Able to integrate into kiosk, industrial enclosures and touch-integrated display are preferred


Interactive Digital Board Monitor

§         DLP Rear projection TV from 69.3”size, 134” expandable with UXGA resolution

§         Interactive feature for wireless audio and video conferencing system, e-learning, multimedia class and presentation.

§         Built in PC, speakers, DVD player, multi jack plate for interface

Digital Projector

§         Included all latest LCD and DLP projector with 1200 to 10, 000 ANSI Lumens

Projector Mount and Peripherals

§       Included all the projector and plasma monitor accessories like cable, motorized lift, plasma bracket, projector switcher, projector trolley, projector screen, converter and etc.

Teaching Wizard Desk

§        ALL-in-1 Integrated Intelligent teaching System consists of table monitor, intelligent multimedia controller, digital visualizer, 3 multi jack box & plate to connect other devices, chargeable hand held MIC, gooseneck MIC, multi function power amp and speaker.

Portable Visualizer

§     Professional 3D objects visualizer with features like extremely high depth of focus, shadow-free illumination and the ability to illuminate hollow object.

§      Applications in Meetings, conferences and Product presentations, Video conferencing (using the Visualizer as a document camera), Medical applications (analyzing X-rays, bones etc.), Documentation and multi media production (using the Visualizer as a scanner for 3-dimensional objects ),Training and education, Court rooms (for displaying evidence etc.)

Audio System

§         Amplifiers and Mixer

§         Digital Mixer

§         Digital Signal Processors

§         Speakers

§         Wired and Wireless Microphone System

§         Power Megaphone

§         Digital Message Repeaters

§         Tuner, Timer and Impedance Meter

Conference Systems

§       System consist of  Delegate Unit , Delegate Unit with Long Microphone, Chairman Unit, Chairman Unit with Long Microphone, Transport and Storage Suitcase, Hand-Held Condenser Microphone, Floor Stand, Adjustable Boom, Under the Chin Headphones, Replacement Ear Pads, Single Earphone, High-Quality Dynamic Headphones, Replacement Ear pads, Lightweight Stereo Headphones .

§      System have function for environmental conditions control, Central control equipment, Automatic  feedback suppression

Network and Security Intercom System

§         Intercom system with scalable network communication for up to 1280 stations over data network

§         Flexible configuration option for existing cabling and network infrastructure

§         Control and monitor through software and web browser

§         Versatile features including 160 zone paging, time based call forwarding and scan monitoring

Queuing System

§        Application in indoor display board, message display board, electronic rate board, production info board, queuing system and calling system




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